Invest smarter with the most advanced platform

Global DEALFLOW customized for your needs

Individual Investors (Individual Angels and Family Offices)

  • Deal flow
  • Guidance on DD
  • Post investment connection

Angel Group (Single chapter groups with up to 100 members, Family Office, Early stage VCs, etc.)

  • Global deal flow
  • Support with DD
  • Group management and communication
  • Build SPVs and manage communication post investment

Franchise Angel Groups

  • Global/Chapter/Member–Shared deal flow
  • Member management platform
  • Cross functional teams for DD


  • Track companies as they become investor ready and complete investor profiles
  • Create custom lists of companies based on end investor interests
  • Share profile or list of companies with investors, and get back notes/ratings from investors

Late Stage VCs/PE level investment groups

  • Follow companies through growth/scale phase and be the first to acquire
  • Access to documentation for throughout the companies’ history

White Label Platform

  • Highly customizable and configurable platform that meets your needs
  • URL, Branding and Colors that match your group’s branding
  • Invite your members to create their accounts, for a seamless experience
  • Startups see your branding during the application process
  • Customize the screening and due diligence process to match your existing process
  • Upload your rating criteria so that all of your members can be on the same page

Real Time Communication

  • Chat with startups on the platform to get your questions answered quickly
  • Request documents, take notes, and complete your due diligence process faster
  • Chat with your fellow investors so everyone can stay on the same page
  • Share deals, your notes and even your due diligence report with investors outside your group, and with other angel groups

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

  • Create Funds or Form SPVs right on the platform
  • Invite investors to submit their commitments right on the platform
  • Seamless process helps to speed up the process of making an investment
  • E-sign documents and get wire instructions through the platform

Customized Deal Flow

  • Get deals based on your personalized investment criteria and interest
  • Sort deals by industry, deal size, deal size and much more
  • Deals are sources from all over the world to help you find the right startup at the right time

Screening and Due Diligence

  • Create your own screening and due diligence process for your group
  • Use multiple rating criteria to move companies through different stages of review
  • Review documents, take notes, and collaborate with fellow investors to create custom due diligence reports

Comprehensive Investor Dashboard

  • At a glance view of all of the investment opportunities available on the platform
  • View all communication, ratings and group activity on various investments on one screen
  • Get an overview of all of your investments, SPVs and funds