Trusted & Curated Support Systems

Verified service providers with experience in startup scaling

Sector Specific Service Providers

Every resource a startup would need for growth

  • Startup Steroid has a curated list of service providers for key sectors that can help founders grow their startups
  • Sectors such as Legal, Accounting, Finance, Technology, Marketing, Sales, etc. are covered in the ecosystem

Integrated Communication

On platform expedited communication with service providers

  • Built in chat feature that allows you to have real time conversations with service providers
  • Ask questions and exchange documents to collaborate with service providers through the platform
  • Fully integrated system with email and text to make sure you never miss a beat

Video Profiles of Service Providers

Get to know the service providers by reviewing their video profiles

  • Watch in-depth video profiles of the service providers to learn about their services
  • Get to know each service providers’ personality and find the one that best matches your needs

Customized Engagement Model

Connect with multiple vendors with our pre-negotiated bundled discounted pricing

  • Shop with confidence with our pre-negotiated rates for key services
  • Consult with the providers before making the financial commitment
  • One price starter package that includes multiple vendors that can get you off the ground quickly